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Help Manual July 2014.pdf
A help manual for the Dictionary of Old English and the Dictionary of Old English Corpus (July 2014).
How to use the DOE and the Corpus to mine primary texts and research history, law, medicine--even without a background in Old English
How to search the DOE Corpus for multiple words: phrases, word combinations, expressions. Includes regular expression and proximity searches.
How to perform basic DOE Corpus searches finding one word in the corpus, restricting searches to one text or one class of texts, accessing bibliographical information for citations, and including compounds and inflected forms in searches.
How to navigate the parts of a DOE entry.
How to use the Dictionary of Old English to look up Old English and Modern English words.
Xin Xiang, Systems Analyst at the Dictionary of Old English
Antonette diPaolo Healey at the Dictionary of Old English, May 2014

In this group project, students explore the oral and performative aspects of old English poetry by creating an Omeka archive of audio recordings of significant passages. Where necessary, students consult the Dictionary of Old English and Dictionary…

Dream of the Rood ll. 1-10a recording (Old English poem, read aloud in English)


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