A Word Is Born: A Digital Exhibit for The Dictionary of Old English Project

The Dictionary of Old English was born in 1970, at the University of Toronto, under the guidance of its founder and first editor in chief, Angus Cameron. 

A digital project from the very beginning, the Dictionary describes the first six centuries of the English language (600-1150) in the technologies of the twenty-first century. 

This exhibit shows the Dictionary of Old English in action:  how it defines entries, what it is like to work at the DOE, and how the DOE's resources can be used in classrooms.


Alexandra Bolintineanu, Antonette diPaolo Healey, Xin Xiang, Kasandra Castle, Daniel Brielmaier, Anna Wilson, Megan Cavell, Elizabeth Watkins, David McDougall, Ian McDougall, Catherine Monahan